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Drive Sales with Digital Marketing

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing but don’t know where to go? Want to get answers to your digital marketing problems? For those who like to read, we have written a comprehensive guide on how to use digital marketing to drive sales.

This book has been written for business owners and those new to digital marketing. It takes you through the basics of developing a marketing strategy, how to use the key digital marketing resources and finally how to measure your activity so that you focus on what is important to grow sales.

Drive Sales with Digital Marketing

What's in the Book?

Digital Marketing covers a wide range of bewildering and sometimes complex technologies. 

The other thing that has changed in the last 3-4 years is that you now need to see digital marketing as a series of interlinked processes or systems. All the elements of your marketing need to connected and not be seen as a series of separate campaigns.

So how do you as a business owner or marketing coordinator/assistant without any other person in the company to help, make sense of digital marketing, let alone invest in the right technologies to make it effective for you?

After having worked with 100s of businesses and years of researching the market, we couldn't find a book that we could recommend - so we wrote one!

What Areas Are Covered in the Book?

Take Back Control

How the Book is Organised

The book is split to two sections. 

The first covers how to develop your marketing strategy. This section was developed from working with business owners and those who had been given the job of marketing within the business. Marketing strategy for small and medium sized businesses does not need to be complex but you do need objectives and a plan you to work to.

The second section looks at all the key digital marketing resources you might use in your marketing. There is no one size that fits all. Competitors in the same sector could take different approaches and this could be dependent on budget and the technical abilities of the team. 


We have worked with many companies across a large number of sectors for over 20 years and so we have created a lot of long lasting friendships with the business we work with as we will go the extra mile to make sure what we deliver is right for you.

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