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Ask & Connect – Get Answers to Your Marketing Questions


Apr 10 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



Welcome to Ask & Connect, an innovative and interactive online workshop designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals. This one-hour online session is your gateway to not only introduce your business but also dive into the heart of your marketing challenges, all while connecting with a diverse community of like-minded individuals.

What to Expect:

  • Introductions and Networking: The session kicks off with a brief introduction from each attendee. This is a golden opportunity to showcase your business, share your journey, and set the stage for collaboration. You’ll get to know peers from various industries, opening doors to unexpected alliances and insights.
  • Challenge Sharing: After introductions, we’ll shift focus to the core of the workshop – your marketing challenges. This is a safe and open platform for you to articulate the hurdles you’re facing in your marketing efforts. Whether it’s a strategy dilemma, digital marketing puzzles, or branding conundrums, no challenge is too big or small.
  • Community Brainstorming: Following the sharing session, we enter a collaborative brainstorming phase. Here, attendees and our team of marketing experts will engage in a dynamic discussion, offering fresh perspectives, tried-and-tested advice, and innovative solutions to your marketing challenges. This segment is about harnessing the collective wisdom and experience of the group to unlock new ideas and approaches.
  • Expert Insights: Our panel of marketing experts will provide their insights, drawing from their extensive experience in the field. They’ll offer practical tips, industry secrets, and strategic guidance tailored to the challenges presented.
  • Actionable Takeaways: The workshop aims to leave you with actionable advice and strategies that you can immediately apply to your business. Our goal is for you to walk away not just with ideas, but with a clear direction for overcoming your marketing obstacles.

Who Should Attend?

Ask & Connect is perfect for anyone eager to grow their business through effective marketing. Whether you’re a startup founder, a small business owner, a marketing professional, or simply someone passionate about learning and networking, this workshop is for you.

Join Us:

Embrace this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Ask & Connect is more than a workshop; it’s a community coming together to empower each other in navigating the complex world of marketing. Register now and be part of a collective journey towards marketing excellence!




  • Peter Dickinson
    Peter Dickinson

    Are you ready to make a real difference in your industry and change the way business is done? Do you ever ask yourself, what marketing will actually work to grow your sales?

    Connected to a large network of company owners and leaders, Peter Dickinson is an experienced Business and Digital Marketing Coach and Founder of KUB Digital Marketing Agency and Vision2Success a strategic marketing, forecasting and implementation consultancy. Peter helps companies drive growth and has worked with over 600 companies across a wide range of sectors over many years.

    Starting with WHY you do what you do, Peter will look at what differentiates what you do from the competition. This is a great source of ideas for doing more of what really benefits your customers and this in turn helps to clarify the marketing message and will drive more profitable sales for key growth.

    Peter & the team launched Vision2Success in 2021 to help ambitious business owners grow their businesses to disrupt their sector and help them to develop a vision that delivers on their goals.

    Vision2Success offers a range of services including free workshops, a comprehensive guide to digital marketing in the form of an eBook, free and more in-depth paid online learning, marketing support and works as a fractional CMO.

    Peter and the team are developing a browser based App to help companies and marketing consultants to develop marketing strategies, forecasts and implementation plans so that more effective strategies can be developed, marketing budgets can be created and modified as real data is collected and plan marketing campaigns that work. The App uses marketing templates to make it easier to identify which marketing resources would be most appropriate and so help companies make the difficult choices of what approach to take for the greatest return on investment.

    So we can work alongside you to develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan that has a budget which can be adjusted to fit your needs quickly and effectively through a guided process.

    Working with the team at KUB & Vision2Success, Peter can take away the pain of running your digital marketing by coordinating all your digital marketing activities or if it makes more sense for your business, help you develop your own in-house capability and then help you bring in specialists to do the more technical specialist roles.

    The structured approach, experience and qualifications means that Peter can help your business achieve high growth success.

    Contact Peter today on: growth@kub-uk.com or call on 0333 050 9053

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