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50 LinkedIn Marketing Stats For 2021

50 LinkedIn Marketing Stats For 2021

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 with a mission to connect the world’s professionals and help them become more successful and productive. Since then, it has become an essential tool for millions of businesses and marketers around the globe. 

After the world headed into lockdown in 2020, more MDs than ever before have begun to realise the value of virtual networking and nurturing business relationships with the help of social media platforms like LinkedIn. 

At KUB, we’ve understood the important role LinkedIn can play in helping businesses grow and develop for a long time, whether it’s through sharing blog articles, video content, or implementing a targeted lead generation strategy.

As a result, we want to share some of the most interesting and useful LinkedIn marketing stats that we’ve found to help you understand more about how the platform can help your business development. 

Our top 50 LinkedIn marketing stats 

1. LinkedIn is the number one platform for b2b lead generation

2. LinkedIn sessions saw an increase of 30% in Q2 of 2021

3. Every single Fortune 500 company has representatives on LinkedIn

4. In Q1 of 2021, there were almost 31 million UK-based LinkedIn members

5. In February 2021, most UK-based LinkedIn users were 25-34 years old (58.1%)

6. 92% of b2b marketers use LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy

7. LinkedIn is a 277% more effective lead generation tool than Facebook and Twitter 

8. 4.11% of LinkedIn’s 706 million users are UK-based 

9. 23% of UK workers are also LinkedIn members

10. 43% of LinkedIn members are decision-makers

11. In March 2020, 15% of LinkedIn posts referred to working from home

12. 70% of professionals believe that LinkedIn is a trustworthy source of content

13. LinkedIn provides around 36 billion content impressions each month 

14. 59% of users on LinkedIn have only worked at businesses with less than 200 employees 

15. Only 1% of LinkedIn users post content on the platform

16. LinkedIn user engagement has increased by 25% year on year 

17. 44% of all LinkedIn members use the platform on a monthly basis

18. LinkedIn has more than 740 active members 

19. Just 3 million LinkedIn users share consistent weekly content 

20. LinkedIn was voted as the most trusted social platform in 2020 (Business Insider)

21. 80% of LinkedIn users agree that networking is critical to their success

22. Just 1 million users have published articles using LinkedIn publisher 

23. 45% of LinkedIn publisher article readers are VPs, managers and directors

24. 76% of LinkedIn members rated the ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ tool as the best tool

25. LinkedIn collectively makes up 64% of all social media traffic to corporate websites 

26. In Q4 of 2020, LinkedIn users watched 2 X as much learning content on the platform than the previous year 

27. 33% of professionals in the world are LinkedIn members

28. 42% of LinkedIn users regularly update their personal profile 

29. 96% of b2b marketers use LinkedIn to grow their organic reach 

30. 4 out of 5 users on LinkedIn ‘drive business decisions’

31. LinkedIn members have twice the buying power of the average web audiences 

32. LinkedIn is part of the marketing strategy of 71% of b2b marketers

33. 81% of b2b marketers use LinkedIn to advertise new product launches

34. 59.9% of users on LinkedIn are between the ages of 25-34. That’s a lot of people in their prime career progression years

35. In Q2 of 2021, there was a 48% increase in conversations taking place on the platform

36. In 2020, 55% more conversions happened between users on LinkedIn

37. 94% of marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution platform

38. LinkedIn posts with images receive a 98% higher comment rate

39. Posts that end by posing a question get 50% more engagement on LinkedIn

40. Video content is 20X more likely to be shared than other forms of content

41. In Q4 of 2020, LinkedIn’s ad reach increased by 25 million people

42. 58% of marketers prefer LinkedIn ads over other social platforms

43. LinkedIn accounts for 80% of b2b leads that come from social platforms

44. LinkedIn works well for generating leads, according to 79% of marketers

45. The majority of LinkedIn members (52%) earn upwards of £48k a year 

46. 41% of all millionaires are LinkedIn members 

47. LinkedIn members increase by an average of 26% year on year 

48. In one survey, 43% of marketers claimed they had sourced customers from LinkedIn

49. 96% of sale execs use LinkedIn twice a week or more

50. 92% of marketers prefer using LinkedIn for marketing over other social platforms

And there you have it! I hope you’ve found these LinkedIn marketing stats interesting and informative. 

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of LinkedIn as part of generating more leads for your business, I’d recommend reading our guide on how to generate leads using LinkedIn or booking a free 30-minute marketing review with us here at KUB.

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